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Mary McGrory,  25th September 2018

Hi, we tried your falafel at the Cirencester vegan fair today and bought several packets as a result.I love your story, all the history and the whole family involvement and now you have converted me to the great falafel too! Since my son went vegan I've tried so many falafel, some homemade and some not, but I haven't enjoyed any of them until yesterday. I will really look forward to making your falafels with the Tahini Sauce - I thought I hated falafels until I tried yours! - you're a genius!


Susan Miezavs, Rework Ltd, 16th August 2018

I ordered some for my family after the Bristol Vegan Fair and brought in a pack to try out in the cafe and they went down a storm, so I'll go for buying bulk in our next order.


 Claire, 20 January 2018 at 11:14


I bought some falafel mixes from you today and forgot to mention. Over Farm in Gloucester are looking to stock Vegan products, especially locally produced ones! I have given them your company name through Facebook but thought you may like to contact them yourselves too.

Keep up the good (and yummy) work!

David Gregory ,21/05/2017 12:32

Hi, saw you at the Norwich vegan festival yesterday and tried your sun-dried tomato falafel. Absolutely the best falafel we've ever had, even our son loved them, and he hates falafels!!! Would love to know what the dressing was that you used in your wraps, could we have the recipe? Can we buy direct from you as we do with other vegan manufacturers? i.e. vbites. Just one other comment about packaging, could you please include the vegan logo or a line stating, 'suitable for vegans' for first glance. Dairy free doesn't mean egg free (I know there's no egg in there, but it saves reading the small print). Once again, many thanks, they were lovely, just had a batch for lunch today   David & Teri

Wayne Williams ,31/07/2016 09:01

Hi good morning........I was displaying BMXs at the vintage festival yesterday unfortunately i will not be able to attend today so wanted to check with you where i can by your awesome falafal mix packs from please are they available in high street grocers anywhere or online thanks in advance........lovely wholesome food by the way have a great day if you’re at the festival today and if i don’t see u before hopefully see you next year at the same venue 👍

Hella Radwan ,25/10/2015 10:48

I am writing to you today to thank you. It will be a bit long, bear with me. I’m Hungarian, my husband is from Egypt. We lived in Egypt for many years before moving to Ireland in 2008. As anyone abroad, we miss the foods and flavours of our countries. Falafel - or ta'meya as we call it in Cairo - is a big favourite of any Egyptian or anyone having lived in Egypt. For 7 years now, we bought and tried out different falafel mixes, but nothing ever came close to what we know and love. Until now. We recently started to eat healthier and part of the diet change is that we shop for organic food at a local store. They sell a falafel mix we tried before and it was ok, so when we went last time I was looking to get another box. Except they didn't have one. Walking around I saw a bag of your falafel mix. Gluten-free it said. I never understood people looking for gluten free food if they don't have gluten sensitivity, so I just moved on; another product claiming to be free from everything, and its taste must be less for that too. So, I asked the shop keeper about the falafel mix, she said they don’t have that, but have this other one: and she pulled up yours. I said no, not really, thanks, but my husband asked how much it was. Almost 5 Euros for a bag I was horrified, it was almost double price of the one I bought earlier. I said no, more firmly this time, but my husband said let’s take it. And so we did. Anyway, this morning I decided to fry your mix. Didn’t have much trust, but hey, it must be eaten. I read the story on the back of the package and I loved it. Palestine being close to our hearts made the falafel more promising. I opened the pack and didn’t much like the first sniff of the product. Smelled a bit like some medicine. Must be some of the spicing I guess. I mixed it with water and smelled it again, was better. Put in a bit of sea salt as it said 'reduced salt' and left it rest. Heated up oil and was ready to fry in under 15 min. 1 good point, i was thinking. Some of the falafel mix I used before had to be left to be ready for 2 hours!!! So your pack says fry for 3 min or so. Another good point. All other packs say similar timings, but they never fry in under 10 min. Yours did. So the first batch being ready, I couldn't resist to try. So I did. And it was amazing. I couldn't wait to see what my husband thinks. And he loved it!!! While in Egypt they use broad beans for the falafel - makes them green inside 😊 - and you use chickpeas, there is something very similar in the spicing that made your product taste very familiar and lovely. So I want to thank you today for making our morning extra special with your falafel mix. If you can tell me who may be selling your products in Cork or anywhere in Ireland, I would appreciate it. I now would like to try out your other products too and make them a regular part of our diet. And please fix the website. The link does not seem to be working, maybe just on my phone, not sure. I would love to get to know more about your products. Thank you again for making us so happy today!!! Hella


Reviews From Amazon customers           


Zeus ,20 January 2018

Verified Purchase

This was nice, but made 4 burgers that could have been made in the same sort of time from scratch.


5.0 out of 5 stars excellent best gluten free falafel i have tasted

16 March 2017

Verified Purchase

excellent falafel mix, it’s totally natural, no unnecessary junk, and its wheat and gluten free which is perfect, i will definitely order again, there is also the sage and onion flavour and the chilli flavour which i am in the process of ordering.



5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

6 June 2016

Verified Purchase

Great taste, easy to make and I even added beetroot which the family loved.



5.0 out of 5 stars This is the best falafel mix I have tried

1 November 2015

Verified Purchase

This is the best falafel mix I have tried. The instructions are simple to follow, although I would add about 220ml of water rather than the suggested 200ml to get the mixture just perfect. I found that to make the perfect falafel the oil needs to be heated at a high temperature, then shape and place them in the oil for the most delicious Falafel I have had in a while, and the rest of my family agree.


Liam Roberts

5.0 out of 5 stars Falafels Elevated!

15 April 2015

I haven't tasted Falafel as good as this since being the middle-east. They say that being at high at altitudes increases your sense of taste and every bite of these takes me back to my time on Mount Scopus. These are incredibly delicious, it's great I’ve finally discovered the authentic taste here in England!



5.0 out of 5 stars A taste sensation!!!

15 April 2015

I LOVE these falafels. I haven't tasted anything this good out of a packet before. They stay fresh in the pack for a really long time and the flavour and texture is on point every time. Maybe it's the way I cook them! But these really are the best falafels I've had bar none.


Ailsa yexley

5.0 out of 5 stars Love to support family trades and wholesome eating

15 April 2015

Really delish falafels. Reading the flavoursome and clean ingredients makes for a positive change from other brands. Love to support family trades and wholesome eating. Me and my young son have these falafels every week. High praise to the makers.



5.0 out of 5 stars Great Falafels!

15 April 2015

I've found the consistency of Sharaf Falafels significantly better than any other of the packaged brands available. They stay fresh for a long time and are much easier to prepare.



5.0 out of 5 stars Good and healthy

15 April 2015

This is good food! I ate one of these last week whilst watching some show- I'm still finding crumbs in the keyboard and hey, THEY STILL TASTE GREAT!