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Sharaf Natural Foods… The true story.

In 1940, at the tender age of nine, Mohammed Sharaf, had to leave school, after the death of his father in Nablus, Palestine. He asked his Mum to make him falafels like the ones his father and grandfather used to make, so he could sell them to help support the family. The falafel sold really well, particularly amongst the British police and army personnel who were stationed in the area and who then started calling him “Little Mo, the Falafel boy”. When Mohammed grew up he started experimenting with various herbs and spices until he perfected a unique flavour that no other falafel maker in the area was able to match. His falafels became so popular as they were the best and visitors to the city would come to his shop so they could taste that unique falafel . In 1978, Sam Sharaf, Mo’s eldest son, migrated to the UK and in 1992 he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.  He started making falafels and expanded the product range by developing different blends of herbs and spices and applying them to traditional British products.

Sharaf Natural Foods


This is good food! I ate one of these last week whilst watching some show- I'm still finding crumbs in the keyboard and hey, They Still Taste Great!

Ryan, Good and healthy

Hi, saw you at the Norwich vegan festival yesterday and tried your sun dried tomato falafel. Absolutely the best falafel we've ever had...

David Gregory, 21/05/2017

Excellent falafel mix, it’s totally natural, no unnecessary junk, and its wheat and gluten free which is perfect, I will definitely order again

Zues, 16/03/2017