Our History

Sharaf natural Foods… The true story. 

In 1940, at the tender age of nine, a young boy, Mohammed Sharaf, had to leave school, after the death of his father. Mohammed lived in a city called Nablus, Palestine, to the west side of the river Jordan. He asked his Mum to make him some falafels, like the ones his father and grandfather before him used to make, so he could sell them to make some money to help his mother. The falafel sold well, particularly amongst the British police and army personnel who were stationed in the area during that time and who then started calling him “Little Mo, the Falafel boy”. When Mohammed grew up he started making his own falafel and experimented with various herbs and spices in his recipe until he perfected a unique flavour that no other falafel maker in the area was able to match. Sharaf’s falafel become so popular that everyone who had the chance to try them realised that they were the best and visitors to the city would come to his shop, so they could taste that unique falafel. Wherever Mohammed travelled he liked to try other falafels, but he always knew that no one could match his own. This used to make him so happy.   In 1978, Sam Sharaf, Mo’s eldest son, came to study and live in the UK and in 1992 he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.  He started making falafels and expanded the product range by developing different blends of herbs and spices and applying them to traditional British products.
100% natural ingredients and a well-balanced mix of herbs and spices is our secret. Sharaf Natural Foods is a family business dedicated to producing basic simple and down to earth wholesome food.